The times they are…


One of the small damnations in digital photography is that when you travel you sometimes forget to adjust the time on your digital camera when you travel. Thankfully Lightroom has a solution in hand to keep the image libraries organised.

In the Library module select all the images you want to adjust. Go to the metadata menu > choose edit capture time


from here you get the adjust capture time dialog box


I used the shift by a set number of hours option. The head hurts bit is finding out the correct number of hours to adjust by. In this case it wasn’t too bad since Europe is GMT and I could add an hour for daylight savings time to get me to -11.

After this is done you can then filter your library to confirm that you can tell sunset from sunrise in Paris.


One of the small issues remaining, as the name implies, is that only the metedata of the file is changed –¬†file operations are not performed so you have to move the files to the correct dated folder yourself.


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