Train Coming

I’ve seen a lot of images taken with a ND400 (10 stop neutral density) filter, I’ve taken several with my own. A common theme amongst them is slowing water and other natural movement in landscapes. As a different aspect for this filter, I decided to take an iconic photograph of the Puffing Billy steam train that runs near home.

Getting closer…..


Getting Closer

The challenges are several fold in shooting this scene – trains run every 90 mins or so in this direction, deciding the shutter speed, focus and exposure on a moving target that will only appear for a few fleeting seconds are decidedly tricky.


Just past….

In the end it’s not a perfect image. The front of the train is just past the apex of the bend – a point where the motion of the front of the train would have been frozen. The other little gripe is it was just a bit too nice of a day next to the bridge – the normally wet weather gives a deep colour to the forest and a darkness to the wooden bridge.

It’s a promising use of an ND400 filter so I’ll be back at some stage in the future when I hope I’ll be able to catch the train.

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